Welcome to ADS Air Filters Inc

The ADS Air Filters Inc proposes for the American Market the Ads laminaire sterilized solutions:
from the vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods, Biosafety cabinets to the modular clean rooms. All the material is certified class 1, 100 or up.

To complete the ADS laminaire products, ADS USA distributes the HEPA and ULPA filters line of Flow Air Filters.

ADS Laminaire and Flow Air Filters have decontamination solutions for a large sphere of industries:

   - Laboratory & Research

   - Hospitals

   - Cosmetic

   - Military

   - Agribusiness

   - Electronic.
The quality of our hoods, cabinets and booths are always certify by many tests:

   - DOP test

   - Flow speed test

   - Sound test

   - Particles test

   - Fumes test

You have in link some examples of fumes test.

Fumes test on Biohazard Safety cabinet type Optimale <select here>

Fumes test on ADS Laminaire Weighting booth <select here>


HEPA FILTER for clean room

We propose for the US market, filters as V cells and HEPA and ULPA filtration (UL).Those filters have efficiencies from Merv 11 (Ashrae std 52.2) to Ulpa filtration 99, 999999% @ 0,3m .

Biosafety cabinets & Vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods

TThe ADS Laminaire standard solutions merge into an important into an important range of hoods. The most popular are the horizontal and vertical flow hoods, Optigel and IV Gel or the most compact Biosafety cabinet on the market, the BIO II.

Modular Cleanroom: Tents

40% of the ADS Laminaire projects are custom-built projects as modular clean rooms or tents class 1 and up or ISO 3 and up, containment booths, laminar flow walls or ceilings.

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